STAN LAUREL The Karno Years

It is common knowledge that Stan Jefferson (later Laurel) was a Karno Comedian for a few years, but how much do you know about those years? For starters, just how many years was it? And just how much of that time was spent in the UK, and how much in the US? It is also widely known that Laurel was understudy to Chaplin in the sketch Mumming Birds, but is this the only Karno sketch in which these two played together? Well now, for the first time ever, you can discover exactly when, where, and with whom, Laurel spent his time in the Karno Company, by purchasing a copy of the book:

CHAPLIN - Stage by Stage

CHAPLIN Stage by Stage by A.J Marriot Stan Laurel Stage book

The books reveal what was said when the young Jefferson was interviewed for the job by the great man himself - Fred Karno; and goes on to give nearly every single appearance Laurel, and Chaplin, made in the Karno Company, thereafter. All the towns,cities, and theatres at which they appeared, along with the other cast members; the contemporary newspaper reviews; the plot descriptions and, in many instances, extracts from the original scripts, are listed in detail.

For the first time ever, Laurel's routes as he traversed the full width of the USA, from New York to Los Angeles and back, will be tracked in full. The reception given to the English Karno Company by American audiences, and the hardship they hard to endure, both on- and off- stage, will be admirably recounted. All this - and so much more.

The book is richly illustrated with over one-hundred and thirty scrapbook cuttings; posters; programme notes; cast lists; line illustrations; cartoons and caricatures, and several previously unpublished photographs of both Laurel and Chaplin, which together give a unique and definitive account of those 'lost' years.

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CHAPLIN - Stage by Stage (book details)

LAUREL - Stage by Stage (book details)